How Aphrodite caused a riot on the Bart Train and made me late for work

Please forgive me, dearest Boss
I know the meeting was at 9 o'clock
and a million dollar contract on the line but...

You see, the train was full of work-dead faces
this morning - scentless, silent men and women
head to toe black-clad and cool

Then she sauntered on at 12th Street
wearing a dress of deep rose silk
her foam white breasts barely restrained

And oh, that magnificent deep curve
where waist met hip, where fabric blossomed
like lotus petals and a man could drown

Her voice was seawind and sunlight,
the soft violet deep, churning, turning
"Will this carriage take me to the Ocean?"

Half the train was dumbstruck,
the other half embarrassed speechless
she just smiled and sashayed down the aisle

She was a witch well past her prime,
the women, sizing up the plump silhouette and rapunzel hair
dismissed her with flick of skeletal fingers

But the men were stunned and mesmerized
they knew she was the bird of paradise
they'd waited for their whole, passionless lives

The men began to follow her in wild frenzy
tumbling helter-skelter in her wake
like a herd of kittens after clotted cream

And the whole damned train filled with the moans
of crazed besotted men and out-raged women
Until the driver slammed on the brakes

He let 'Miss Dressed in Pink'  off a thousand feet
beneath the bay and and put an end to it
and that's how Aphrodite caused a riot on the bart train
and made me late for work...

(c) 2007 J.L. Stanley