I. The Father of Relativity

Reaching out, he named a universe
Yet could not bestow this one small gift of naming.
Caught in the solid separateness of flesh,

Forgetting that a daughter comes
Whole from her parents' womb,
Forgetting that words change or disappear,

Forgetting that cells
Hold the memories
Of ten million years.

II. The Daughter of Wolves

She will never claim her birthright
For fear has been on her since childhood
And names so often die in daylight.

But the wolves know her true name.
The wolves, whose soft faces
Were all she'd ever known of loving.

Gentle beyond compare
To the daughterless father
Whose absence formed her.

The wolves sing her name
Her womb name, ungiven,
Unfelt by the speaking world.

At night, when the wind is silent,
Their song is more true, more loving
Than the testimonies of old men.

©  1987 J.L.Stanley

Bastard of the world's most famous man
                                                               --for Evelyn E