I will remember
until all remembrance
passes from me
that I was loved by you
beneath the eyes of holier men
loved beyond thought or belief
and when they married you
to the stranger with cold eyes
and you stood alone in a
crowd of thousands
as they bound you to her
for eternity
did you think of god or
that soft spring morning
when I left you in
the gently brutal hands
of your belief?
and in my mind I own visions
of a still, brown house
and children loving us
and soft nights by a darkened pool
for you are always in me
when the gingko turns
and falls golden on the bright winter grass
or when daffodils blossom greedily together
to sweeten the wind
but for an idea
turned inside out
I could have grown old and soft with you              

©  1985 J.L.Stanley
Beneath the eyes of holier men