Take me into your dark green heaven

Take me into your dark green heaven
Away from this burning world
Where I forgot to find love

Where I named the days and lost
The meaning of hours
Take me into a heaven of rain

Away from the mortal eyes of love
Wasted worlds tumbled through my hands
Hard, dead worlds of count and plan

I named them lovers, raised them high
Ruins nestled inside this heart of ash,
Scattered across the end of days 

Take me into a wind-drenched meadow
Name me and I shall follow
Away from the shadows that blossom

What did I love? Flowers and stars
Illusions of brilliance, histories of sky  
In transitory seductions, I lost my way

Forgive me, for I have forgotten to love
Take me, this deadly sin shall never pass
Take me into your forest at nightfall,

For I have fallen and forgotten love

© 2003 J.L.Stanley