How to Stop Time

I really, really want to know
how to stop time
it's getting serious now
I see the end of this tunnel
and there's no bright light out there
yesterday, lying beside you
concentrating so hard, searching
for the the magic word
to make the moment freeze,
I fell into despair.

For even my memory is losing
its teeth...I try to bite down on
the feelings of your arms around me,
and the warmth of your skin
but they vanish into the empty sheets
after you leave...
I search everywhere, everywhere
crying as I tear apart the bed
but they're gone, gone.

Someone must know
someone must understand
someone must have discovered
how to hold on to one moment of joy
time, time is the cruelest demon
the most unforgiving god
must I face you always
with so much emptiness?

© 2007 J.L.Stanley