I am colder than a dead star
A black hole of dreams
If you touch me you'll
Feel heaven, ice cold
And oxygen-free
So hold back your breath
Your soft kisses and visions of May
All green and tender
There is no birth here
But you'll find infinity in my eyes
If you are brave enough to look
I am ice and death, bitter destruction
Barren fields. You won't bloom here
In my arms. But I will never lie to you
To steal a moment of ecstasy
From your flesh,
For truth is ice
And time and time
The endless beauty of space.
Whose seed were you?
A flower for a day.
What star cast you out of heaven
To fall upon this desolate earth?
But remember. Remember.
I will not lie to you
I will hold you
And carry you home.

©  2003 J.L.Stanley