The Purpose of Life was Joy

You told me once in summer
That the purpose of life was joy
But I was too young to believe you
And lived my days for grief.
And one warm, winter day,
When the green grass climbs the hills
Weaving through poppy wildfires,
And abandoned daffodils,
I will find your hidden valley
Of juniper and silver thyme.
I will not plan the journey,
I have no wish to leave,
My life so steady and earnest,
So barren, so fallen, so brief.
But when I hear you singing
Your soft, deep melody,
It will draw me onward and onward,
Down your valley to a glimmering sea.
There in the watery silence,
You will hold me, then set me free.
I shall become beloved of the dead,
Father, Mother, forgive me.
Far, far beneath the ocean
In a bed of seaweed and shells,
Let me dream forever to forget
The purpose of life was joy.

(c)  2007 J.L. Stanley