Born on the shores of a northern lake
Born into the softness of pine needles
Into amber scented air

Born deep in the dark forest in spring
Born into the fragrance of lilies and hyacinths
Into the scent of snow water flowing

From the spring thawed earth
Where meadows of cornflowers
And forget-me-nots mirror the sky 

I long for a pine filled world
To float beneath the sky, in sun
Warmed waters of unnamed lakes

To roam abandoned fields
Trailing the summer songs
Of larks and sparrows and doves

I long to watch the autumn winds
Ignite the leaves of birch and sycamore
Burning the forest with ice-cold flame

And the scent of dying leaves
Scattered on the forest floors,
The deep, sweet fall

I long for the snow filled world
Solace from the seasons of my life
What cannot rest in silence
Will never bloom again in spring                                                                                          

© 2001 J.L.Stanley

Seasons on a Northern Shore