She dreams of him

She dreams of him
Sleeps with his voice,
Lulling her into a semblance of joy
She likes the way
He says awaken and lost,
His soft pauses and sighs
She drinks his words,
Sleeping potions
From a world she cannot touch.
Rest now, he says,
Fall into my words
There are other arms
Where we shall meet
That shall hold you
In my name
Stretch out your heart
To me until it breaks
Breaking is what
Living's for. Burn,
Laugh, run away.
Take your song of death;
Throw it to the wind.
The wind knows, carries
Whispers and prayers,
Carries voices of anguish
Hurls them against mountains
Thrusts them into space
Where they dissolve
And fall to earth,
In a gentle rain.

© 2003 J.L.Stanley