The End of Gravity

Patient river torn by stone, ravaged by the fall
Ice swept, tree borne, steady down the mountain,
You are the end of gravity for me.

I know my end - I feel it in your dying breath
Seen time pass at the speed of light
Time's a myth unfolding, unraveling.

Time's a waterfall of gravity, pulling me into your stillness
I descend into your eyes, into your final wave
In that last contraction of lung and limb

You reach for me, then suddenly you are gone
To where? To where? I cannot follow
The path you carve is cast across the sky

Where formless and forgotten, you will to fall earth,
And I shall still be your love, alone in this solitary place
Drinking time, drunk on minutes, wasting days and eons,

Seeking you forever in an unnamed space
For who will ever speak my true name
And love me, now that you are gone?

© 2002 J.L.Stanley