Where are you my love,
abandoned on this sandy shore
I've scanned the faces
of a thousand strangers
and dreamt of you at night,
your touch invoking me
into this endless search

At times I see inside
the eyes of nameless men
and glimpse your soul 
Where are you my love
your hair the color of an early dawn
your eyes a turbulent sea
now green, or gray or blue

Do you search for me,
at night do you awake
with longing for a second self,
the homecoming of recognition
I see the invisible in you,
the wildness and passion
lush innocence of life

Each year that passes  without you,
I mark them all,
time spent in a solitary tomb
So I write this poem to you my love
out in the endless world
please come home to me before I die
I would give the riches of a thousand years
to look into your eyes and say goodbye                                                                                          


The Green Man